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Pharmacogenomics Testing

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When you take in a medication your liver releases enzymes to break it down in order to remove it from your body. This is why you must take medications in the same way each day to maintain the proper and consistent amount of medication in your system. Every person’s genes create enzymes that breakdown medication at varying rates. The rate of breakdown as a direct effect on how much of the medication stays in your system

The cultural dissonance of becoming a man

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Historical and contemporary quotes on becoming a man in the modern world. Link to a mental health reference from Man Therapy to prompt men to make an appointment that will improve their life.

Who should have their head examined?

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The services of a House Call Psychiatrist is intended to meet the patient right at their level of need. Many people avoid psychiatric care because of perceived stigmas or judgement of what other people might think.

Are you a tight ass? What does your pelvic floor say about your mental health and well-being?

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Many aspects of a man’s life history including emotions can affect the pelvic floor muscles long after the event has passed. Elements of stress, anger and fear often translate into muscle tension causing one to become more closed off, less able to feel, and less able to experience pleasure. Men can hold these physical tensions in many places in their bodies creating areas of hypersensitivity. Many men will tighten their pelvic region subconsciously in response to the stress of life. When the stress peaks the discomfort can become more pronounced particularly when the internal environment fight or flight is triggered (fear, anxiety, resentment, anger etc.). These feelings are often not immediately processed or known to the individual, and all they know is they have this vague discomfort below the waist.

Screening questions to ask yourself prior to getting married:

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Men can be in potentially abusive relationships too. The following red flags are intended to help you decide objectively if the person you are going to marry might be the wrong person.