Are you a real man? Irrational fears and insecurities

by ih-mmd ih-mmd

     In the grand scheme of mental health problems the fear of being naked is not topping any charts.  However, there seems to be a growing epidemic based on my own experience and reports in general media that some “men” are either afraid or highly uncomfortable being naked around other men.  Modern Western culture seems to have become more puritanical despite our claim to enlightenment and liberation.  The notion of extreme modesty among men seems to be a development of the last 20 years.  I was initially doubting my lying eyes especially in the advent of all the dating and hookup apps in which it is not uncommon for men to send pics of their genitals.  How did we come to this point from the classic gymnasium: to train naked..Have we come to equate nudity with sex only, and now as a result men cannot be naked with other men in the locker room? This phenomena has gained momentum and health clubs are consulting architects on how to design the millennial men’s locker room. Apparently the modern millennial man wants the ability to shower and change in the locker room without ever being publicly nude.  I have had many men tell me that they have been seeing their doctor for years and he has never seen them naked.

                If you are an adult man you probably look generally the same as every other adult man. It is understandable that developing boys may have some insecurities about their rapidly changing bodies. Likewise one may be insecure if they have some sort of disfigurement.  Regardless of the circumstance boys must become men comfortable in their own skin, and the disfigured must learn to develop self confidence in order to realize their full masculine potential. In short in order to be a man one must learn to face their fears.   Manly men should be easily naked around other men.

                The underwear towel shimmy does nothing but draw attention to yourself which likely raises your anxiety because now people are looking and wondering what does this person have to hide.  In many cultures communal bathing and spas are the norm. Communal male nudity tends to enhance bonding, build unity and provide the validation of masculinity that has been made out to be bad thing in society. Masculinity and maleness is lost in a society where everyone is trying to deny their true identity.  The characteristics that make one distinctly male should not be marginalized. If your towel happens to fall off while shaving at least finish the blade stroke before panicking and slicing your face (I saw a guy do this as he rushed to secure his towel).

                Gentlemen embrace your gloriously naked body, no one is really looking at you that intently. If they are looking clearly there is something very impressive, and if they are not looking it is only because they are too busy worrying about how they are coming across.  You are an adult already. How much longer are you going to spend your days fretting about what other’s think of you?

                Need help facing this fear or others that are keeping you from living up to your full potential? Just do it! Otherwise make an appointment we should talk.