Luxury health care: Concierge Medical Practices

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Dr. Raymond Zakhari, NP

Getting the best of everything delivered in New York City is not an unusual experience unless you are talking about health care services.  Imagine calling or texting your doctor and getting a response immediately. The $28,000 membership fee allows clients access to an uncommon type of concierge medical practice in Manhattan.  The standard of care of care provided is evidence-based and conveniently delivered to your home, office or hotel. 

The triple board-certified nurse practitioner can address most of your general health needs ranging from the comprehensive physical exam,  care when you are sick, chronic disease management, and psychiatric care including talk therapy and psychopharmacology. Trained in human sexuality at the NYU school of medicine, the nurse practitioner provides sex therapy to help enhance your performance or overcome your difficulties all in the privacy of your own home. 

There are many differences between this type of care and the traditional doctor’s office style of care you may have experienced. Rather than focusing solely on the treatment of disease, what sets this practice apart from a conventional doctor’s office/ clinic experience since the founding in 2009 is the robust focus on client participation.  Further distinguishing this concierge medical practice is the therapeutic relationship focusing on enhanced quality of life, mutually finding purpose and reason for being,  pro-active health promotion, and disease prevention all delivered discretely to your door. Using this health management approach, your primary care provider is not merely concerned with your cholesterol and blood pressure numbers.  He is concerned with your overall quality of life, and peak performance in the multiple roles (husband, father, executive, athlete, community member)  you fill in your daily life and the trajectory you are on. 

Real luxury in health care can allow you to live a meaningful life in which you thrive rather than merely survive. Ordering the priorities of your life in such a way that unburdens you by habituating them can significantly reduce your daily stress and provide you a sense of control and mastery.  Luxury healthcare offers you just the right amount of support you need and the amount of therapeutic pressure you need to grow into achieving your full potential. That level of care is what is delivered discretely to your door.

To that end, membership is limited to 50 individuals who are selected to enter into a collaborative relationship.  During our initial sessions, we will examine your current state of health and desired outcome in multiple areas of your life including physical, mental, spiritual, sexual, and social health.  You will also be asked to assist in some data collection between visits to develop an intelligent guide to help create the circumstances of optimal function, realistic health outcomes, and a daily sense of purpose.

Compassionate, competent, confidential care is a big draw to those with means to pay the $28,000 annual membership fee—the panel is limited in size to allow all members the level of availability and individualized attention they expect with this service.  The membership allows for medical and psychiatric house calls, web-camera visits, email, text, and phone access to your primary care provider which enables you to receive care even when you are traveling. 

This type of service is the highest level of healthcare delivered in the most private and intimate setting.  Merely the access to medical house calls and your doctor’s cell phone number is not worth the thousands of dollars of many concierge medical practices. The personal attention and focus on each person’s needs make this service worth that price. Whenever a member needs some impromptu counseling, a moment of encouragement, or a confidant to consult regarding issues of well-being, someone that knows you and won’t judge you is only a text away.  This experience is a unique offering that is hard to replicate outside of New York City. 


Dr. Raymond Zakhari is a triple board certified (Adult- Adolescent, Family Practice, Psychiatric Mental Health) Nurse Practitioner (NP), trained in human sexuality at the NYU School of Medicine. He provides Concierge Medical House Call services in Manhattan and outer boroughs.

General #MedicalHouseCalls #PsychiatricHouseCalls, #sextherapy  (Therapy & Medication Management) #SkilledNursing House Calls Dr. Raymond Zakhari, NP does not take any insurance as he is out of network; provides concierge-style medical and psychiatric House call services. (If you have out of network benefits you may be reimbursed, check your plan for details).