Billions: Psychiatry Performance Coach

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No doubt, you have seen the Showtime series “Billions in which Axe Capital has employed a full-time psychiatrist-performance coach to enhance profitability.  This role does exist at many financial institutions and funds, but confidentiality may be lacking. One never knows for sure what information a corporately hired counselor can keep from the employer.  To eliminate this uncertainty, some folks in finance, have retained their own psychiatrist-performance coach to reap the benefits of full disclosure with total confidentiality.A. 

Much of the role of a psychiatrist-performance coach is to cultivate and enhance a resilient mentality that allows you to make high-risk decisions with mental clarity in fields that are, at all times, stressful and uncertain.  Often in finance (and life), people unknowingly develop bad habits which interfere with their goals.  These bad habits cloud the clarity of thought needed to make the best decisions.Once a pattern forms, it can be difficult to change. Fortunately, this is true of both bad AND good habits.  Bad habits can be modified, and good habits can be cultivated.

Ask yourself these questions:

·         Have I become an anxious trader who is increasingly taking positions due to emotional drivers rather than stoic objectivity?

·          Am I so afraid of losses that I make hurried decisions in the hopes of quickly recovering from those losses?

·         Have I bought into the social pressure of feeling guilty regarding my success and wealth, such that I  right subconsciously sabotage myself?

A Nurse Practitioner performance coach trained in psychiatry and physical health (family practice) can help you achieve clarity of thought and give you the edge required to perform at your best. By engaging you in a holistic process that examines the emotional roots of your performance, your physiological changes that occur as a result of your age and heredity, your diet, sleep pattern, social life, sexuality, and even spirituality, I can help you develop a plan that maximizes your productivity and insight. 

Developing a resilient mindset allows you to analyze and interpret complex, nuanced, ambiguous, stressful events by distinguishing fact from fantasy.  You are not beholden to your emotions. 

Maintaining the correct mindset requires commitment, consistency, and clarity.  Our method begins with comprehensive physical, psychiatric, sexual and spiritual evaluation. A comprehensive strategy is devised to tackle your specific issues.This level of performance coaching is not for the faint of heart. It will address real issues like performance anxiety and inconsistency and then seek to remedy them. You are not interested in putting in the hard work which leads to self-improvement, this is not for you.  

Stay tuned for subsequent posts that will shed light on the power of emotions affecting decisions, how your lack of purpose is creating ambiguity, and what your sexual thoughts may reveal about your fears and desires.

Dr. Raymond Zakhari is a triple board certified (Adult- Adolescent, Family Practice, Psychiatric Mental Health) Nurse Practitioner (NP). He provides Concierge Medical House Call services in Manhattan and outer boroughs. General #MedicalHouseCalls #PsychiatricHouseCalls, #sextherapy (Therapy & Medication Management) #performanceenhancement House Calls Dr. Raymond Zakhari, NP does not take any insurance as he is out of network; provides concierge-style medical and psychiatric House call services. (If you have out of network benefits you may be reimbursed, check your plan for details).