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The Problem and Goal of Psychiatry

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A common mistake made in the field is believing because a drug was intended to treat particular disorder just because it solved the problem in a specific instance. To add more certainty to a psychiatric diagnosis, the psychiatrist should attempt to get collateral information which will either corroborate or negate the patient’s interpretation and the psychiatrist’s initial determination. Appropriately done, psychiatry will rule out biological and toxic causes first, and then offer medication, where necessary, to reduce symptoms temporarily such that the patient is able to learn adequate coping mechanisms and sustain the highest level of function over time. The goal is to make the medicine unnecessary after the proper coping mechanisms are adopted.

Having your head examined?

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The body may manifest its distress through the mind, and the mind may manifest its distress through the body. It is important to figure out what is causing your distress so that it can be properly addressed.


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