For Healthcare Providers

Physicians: Do you have a patient who you would like to help avoid the emergency room? Do you have patients who need a face-to-face encounter to qualify for home care? Dual-certified family and psychiatric nurse practitioner Dr. Raymond Zakhari can make a home visit to ensure treatment compliance and promote independence.

Hospital Discharge Planners: Do you have a patient experiencing frequent hospital readmission? We offer a hospital diversion program focused on transitional care to keep patients from being readmitted. Dr. Zakhari provides home care, managing chronic conditions and reducing symptoms to prevent them from relapsing into major conditions that require hospital care.

Social Workers: Are you about to discharge a patient that is high risk for readmission? Dr. Zakhari offers an integrative primary care approach covering both psychiatric and medical care for optimum patient health. 

Mental Health Professionals: Do you have patients with medical comorbidities for which management is complicated by mental illness? Dr. Zakhari can perform a thorough evaluation of your patient’s health history to help determine a comprehensive treatment plan targeting all conditions.

Directors of Assisted Living Facilities and Supportive Living Facilities: Do you have residents that you are worried about going to hospitals and skilled nursing facilities? Dr. Zakhari offers medical and psychiatric treatment to reduce the risk of apartment vacancy or discharge to hospitals. 

If you are a healthcare provider and would like to speak with Dr. Zakhari about how we can collaborate to improve patient outcomes, please request an appointment online, or use our form below. You may also contact Dr. Zakhari on LinkedIn.

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